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How GoDaddy Coupons Keep Business Hosting Expenses Down

We’ve all seen ads for Hostgator’s 1-cent hosting, but that’s for their basic plan that is designed for beginning webmasters who don’t need a lot of bandwidth. What about Business web hosting? Most providers offer some kind of enterprise-level hosting plan, but they tend to cost $300-$400/month and manage to tack on lots of hidden expenses related to SSL, email and other necessary features for company websites. It’s expensive!

godaddy renewal coupon codes - rtdfHow GoDaddy’s Renewal Coupons Can Help:

Of all the available coupon codes for hosting providers, GoDaddy’s one of the few hosting companies that actually offer renewal coupons if you renew early. This may not sound like much, but if you’re on an enterprise level plan, this can save you thousands of dollars per year (if not more). A quick google search for a coupon code turned up, which seems to have quite a few renewal promo codes available.

Another great way to keep business hosting costs in check is to register your domain name when you buy your web hosting. Nearly all new hosting plans include a free domain, and what’s more you’re allowed to register a lot of the new domain name extensions that have become available in the last few years. Can these new domain extensions help your business?

Exploring the Opportunities Offered by New Domain Name Types

Online business is almost synonymous with the words “dot com.” While there are other traditional top-level domain (TLD) extensions, such as .org and .net, along with all the country-specific extensions, .com is still the traditional choice for business. However, in recent years, hundreds of new domain extensions have been made available to register, which opens up opportunities far beyond the default option of the dot com. How can you take advantage of these new top-level domains?

Shorter and More Memorable Domains

The major .com and other TLDs have been around for a long time, and by now almost anything worth registering has been taken, especially in the competitive areas of online business. This has led to web entrepreneurs needing to create ever-more complicated domains simply to find something unique. As the years have gone by, the hyphens have proliferated and almost-random additions have found their way into domains, making them cumbersome and hard to remember.

The new top-level extensions have opened up a vast amount of new space to work with, allowing the creation of shorter and more natural domains. Isn’t much easier to type and remember than something like

More Specific and Descriptive

A large number of the new extensions are dedicated to popular industries, and registering a suitable domain using one of the new choices will help your customer know exactly what to expect from your site. With hundreds of options available, including everything from .accountants to .fashion, you can be sure to find a highly descriptive and appropriate choice using your main brand in combination with your niche.

Short-Term Campaigns

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Many of the new extensions are perfect for short-term campaigns, highlighting areas of your business which aren’t necessarily suitable for setting up a permanent website. For example, if your main business is at, you could feature a temporary sale area at, but the new .sale extension allows for the more attractive “”, which can be used in promotional material without diluting the branding of your main website address.

Going Local

Extensions are available for many geographical areas, from individual cities to wider regions such as states. If your company services a specific area, these will allow you to register a highly specific and local domain without needing to compete with the entire world in the .com space. One notable example is .NYC. If you see a website with that brand name, you already know exactly where they are located and what regions they are interested in working in.

Pure Branding

Many of the new extensions may at first sight appear to be suitable for a narrow industry, but can also be pressed into service as a branding device. For example, the .cafe extension is apt for a local diner, but it also can be used in the form of to provide a distinct community section to your site, with a more relaxed feel than your main .com operation.

The range of new domains extensions is constantly expanding, and although more entrepreneurs are beginning to realize the openings they can create, there are still plenty of opportunities available for those with the imagination to use them creatively. What could a new domain extension do for your business?