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    The Best Under-$100 Headphones and Productivity Tricks

    Create Your Own Audio Environment.

    This is one of the best tricks to enhancing your productivity at work. Every cough, phone-ring or loud vehicle can devastate your productivity for a few minutes. If you put on headphones while your at work, you’ll create an environment you control and those little random noises will be drowned out.

    The Best Budget $100 Headphones You Can Take To Work:

    best headphones under 100best headphones under 100

    And you don’t have to break the bank to do it: you can choose from the best headphones under $100 on BestGear. Another benefit of having your headphones on at work is that people won’t bother unless it’s very important. That, in itself, will enhance productivity in your office, for yourself and probably that person also.

    There are also lots of cool mac apps that you can use to enhance your productivity. You can use some of them with your headphones, and with other … Read the rest