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  • Is It Worth It To Start A Web Hosting Reseller Business?

    If you’ve been forking over $100 a year to host your flight deals website with a company like Hostgator or Bluehost, you might have wondered if it’s worth hosting some other sites for a fee  and recoup some of your costs. After all, you already have everything set up and there is a ton of extra space just sitting there, why not make use of it? Depending on your situation, it could either be a great idea or a nightmare that will get you into a lot of trouble. Let’s discuss some of the factors that go into running a hosting reseller business.

    Are you allowed to resell space on your hosting account?

    The very first step should be making sure that you are actually allowed to resell on your hosting plan. Check your terms of service with your hosting company before you do anything else, you  do not want … Read the rest

  • landfill capping

    Save on Landfill Capping with Voucher Codes

    A landfill should obviously not be the first choice for any business, efforts should first be made to reduce, reuse, and recycle. However some businesses still need to deal with hazardous materials out of necessity, and those must be disposed of properly to make sure that they don’t contaminate the surrounding area. Today we’ll go over safe landfill capping, and how to save on the materials you need by using voucher codes.

    Why is proper landfill capping important?

    If your business must make use of a landfill, then it is vitally important that you cap it properly. Not only does this protect surrounding plant life, wildlife, and humans from coming into contact with potentially hazardous materials, it also means that the land could be used for other purposes in the future. Capped landfill sites have become parking lots, sites for new building construction and even parkland. If a landfill … Read the rest

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    How GoDaddy Coupons Keep Business Hosting Expenses Down

    We’ve all seen ads for Hostgator’s 1-cent hosting, but that’s for their basic plan that is designed for beginning webmasters who don’t need a lot of bandwidth. What about Business web hosting? Most providers offer some kind of enterprise-level hosting plan, but they tend to cost $300-$400/month and manage to tack on lots of hidden expenses related to SSL, email and other necessary features for company websites. It’s expensive!

    godaddy renewal coupon codes - rtdfHow GoDaddy’s Renewal Coupons Can Help:

    Of all the available coupon codes for hosting providers, GoDaddy’s one of the few hosting companies that actually offer renewal coupons if you renew early. This may not sound like much, but if you’re on an enterprise level plan, this can save you thousands of dollars per year (if not more). A quick google search for a coupon code turned up, which seems to have quite a few renewal promo codes available.

    Another great … Read the rest

  • godaddy promo codes to stay on budget

    Use GoDaddy Promo Codes to Scale up a Business on Budget

    When you’re operating a startup, one of your very first goals is scalability. As a small business owner, you’d try every possible way to optimize greater workload without compromising on your revenues. To put it simply: you’d want to make the most out of your limited resources. But how do you make your business scalable? Is there any budget-friendly method you could follow to scale up your business? Let’s find out.

    Use GoDaddy Promo Codes for Web Hosting

    When you are going from basic web hosting to more complicated needs (more bandwidth, storage space, SSL, maybe even dedicated IP addresses and servers) you will definitely notice an increase in your web hosting bill as well.

    To help keep that increase minimaland your budget on track use coupons for their hosting services, such as the ones found at Or, if you prefer to use the services of a different web … Read the rest

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    The Best Under-$100 Headphones and Productivity Tricks

    Looking To Amp Up Your Productivity?

    Setting up your own business can be daunting. And the worst part of it is the biggest impedance to your business’ growth is frequently your own productivity! Simply drinking more coffee isn’t a long term solution. Even if it’s 100% U.S. grown java coffee, the caffeine boost only lasts for so long. There are a few tips we’ve learned over our experiences growing businesses that we think can help you.

    1. Automate With Chrome Extensions:

    If you need to buy things online as part of your business, searching for coupons can be a time-consuming activity. From searching through your email for a voucher you got that one time, to trying out dozens of codes from a coupon website, these things can take up potentially hours worth of productivity time.

    So next time you look for promo codes for All Beauty, install a Chrome extension … Read the rest

  • marketing for business owners

    Self-Marketing Tips For Business Owners:

    You can have a great business idea and still end up with no work if you don’t know how to effectively market yourself. Since there is definitely not a shortage of people who want to make their living by starting their own business, you really need to sell yourself and show potential clients why you are the better choice. Here are 5 ways that you can market yourself and get more work coming in.

    You must have a professional website.

    Having a website is important because it shows that you’re serious about your work and allows you to present yourself as a professional. Your website should be hosted on its own domain. And use our coupon resources to keep costs down. Use a clean design on your website that puts the focus on your writing rather than a cluttered sidebar full of images. Be sure to include a contact form Read the rest